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Global 21 trains in disaster management, exercise support, role players and building partner capacity.

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We assess your needs, then design and implement your training program.

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Leadership Development

We develop leaders to increase their team's performance, morale and overall productivity.

Interactive Training

Global 21 will teach you, through visioneering and reverse planning, how to move your company forward.


Business Consulting

We help you with strategic planning, market analysis, business development and marketing.

Strategic and Operational Planning

If your business is ready to pursue government contracts, call Global 21 now!


About Us

GLOBAL 21 was founded in 2011 near Austin, Texas by owner/operator Jeff Haynes following a 25 year career in the Marine Corps.   GLOBAL 21 values performance, integrity, and innovation.  We provide training, education, and consulting services to the defense industry in the US and abroad.  GLOBAL 21 helps small businesses develop effective leaders, design winning strategies, and when appropriate, enter the government contracting space.  

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Team Members

Sean McHugh

CRBN instructor

Jeff Haynes


Don Brown

CBRN Instructor

Diane R. Gallatin

Security Officer

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Looking for mid-size cell tower companies interested in selling.

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